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Kamil Rustam

Guitarist, Composer, Arranger


I was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and moved at an early age to Paris, France. Growing up, I’ve always been listening to the sounds of the guitar; my father, a student of Alexandre Lagoya and Ida Presti, would always play at home. But it was only when I heard bands like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and most of all, Jimi Hendrix that I decided I wanted to become a guitar player. At seven years old, I enrolled in the “Conservatoire municipal du 14ĆØme arrondissement” in Paris and studied classical guitar for 10 years while playing modern rock music with local bands. Soon I started working extensively for most of the top pop French artists, earning the 1985 “Les Victoires de la Musique” for Producer of the Year with my fellow producing partners Manu KatchĆ© and Gabriel Yared. I was also nominated as Best Studio Musician at the 1986 and 1987 “Les Victoires de la Musique“. I then moved to Los Angeles in 1996, where I have been busy working in the American entertainment industry.Ā 

Since 2020 I have been spending my time between the US and France composing, producing, arranging and recording sessions for pop artists as well as for film music.



Albums I have worked on:

Music for Films I have worked on:

Music for Video Games I’ve worked on


As a Sideman

A few videos, playing around the world with different artists

With John Mayer & Stevie Wonder
With Anastasia
The Voice All Stars
With Jessica Simpson
With Angelique Kidjo
With Alejandro Sanz
With Johnny Halliday & Michel Berger
With France Gall
With Yael Naim
With Daniel Balavoine & Michel Berger
With Eddie Brown
With Michel Jonasz



As a Session Guitarist:
I play and record a multitude of stringed instruments (Guitars, Basses, Mandoline, Ukulele, Banjo etc..) at my personal recording facility or at a recording studio of your choice .
As a Composer :
I write music for films, documentary, TV series, Library music, etcā€¦ . I enjoy the challenge of expressing different emotions through music and work hand in hand with directors and producers in many different styles of music.
As an Arranger :
I arrange music in many different genres whether it be for my own compositions or for other people’s compositions. I can arrange for a full band / Orchestra or for single instruments. I got voted best arranger in 1985 at the french equivalent of the Grammys, ā€œLes Victoires de la Musiqueā€
As a Live Performer :
I have performed live as a solo artist and as a sideman with many world renowned artists like Alejandro Sanz, Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, David Foster, James Ingram, Celine Dion, Johnny Halliday , Josh Groban, Charles Aznavour etc..

All these services are available whatever the musical style. I have many years of experience in writing, arranging and recording in many different musical genres : Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Gospel, World Music etcā€¦(Click here for a list of work)

Frequently Asked Questions

Listen Up! (to be released February 2024)

In February 2024, Can U Feel It Records, in association with Oregon Productions, will release my new album entitled ā€œListen Up!ā€ .

For this album, I wanted to go back to the music that started it all for me: Ā 70’s & 80’s soul and RN’B music.

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to bring together some very special guests for the recordings.

Here is a list:

Lead Vocal: Billy Valentine, Arnold McCuller, Amy Keys

Backing Vocal: Theresa Jones, Lamont Van Hook

Bass: Pino Palladino, Antoine Katz

Keyboards: Nick Semrad, Patrice Rushen, Arnaud Dunoyer, Randy Kerber

Drums: Lemar Carter

Percussion: Roland Gajate-Garcia

Horns arrangementsĀ  Michael B Nelson for the HornHeads

Michael B. Nelson – Trombone

Kenni Holmen – Tenor & Baritone sax

Steve Strand – Trumpet

Mixing Engineer : Helik Hadar

Kamil Street

Session Photos

Pictures of the recording of “Listen Up!”Ā 

From L to R Henry Lipatov, Patrick Smadja, Billy Valentine, Kamil, Nick Semrad, Lemar Carter, Roland Gajate, Pino Palladino, Arnaud Dunoyer.
From L to R Patrick Smadja, Kamil, Arnold McCuller, Arnaud Dunoyer, Henry Lipatov, Tyler Karmen
From L to R Lemar Carter, Patrice Rushen, Kamil, Roland Gajate, Antoine Katz, Pino Palladino, Patrick Smadja, Arnaud Dunoyer
From L to R Nick Semrad, Pino Palladino.
Arnaud Dunoyer
Nick Semrad
Lemar Carter
Roland Gajate


On October 20, 2017, the label “Can U Feel It Records” released my debut album, Cosmopolitain. The album contains instrumental compositions written in collaboration with keyboardist Arnaud Dunoyer, as well as an updated arrangement of Squeeze’s 1981 hit song ‘Tempted’. The album mostly maintains its sound, style and structures within a jazz fusion vein, but exhibits a vast knowledge of various musical genres throughout. Contributors to the album include notable session musicians such as keyboardist Randy Kerber, acoustic bassists Mike Valerio, Laurent Vernerey and Tim Lefebvre, electric bassists Hadrien Feraud and Richard Bona, plus world renowned drummers Manu Katche, Vinnie Colaiuta and Peter Erskine. The album also includes guest appearances by soloists such as Bob Reynolds on sax, Mike Cottone on trumpet, Marc Berthoumieux on accordion and Philippe Saisse on vibraphone.

On the track “New Amsterdam”, Legendary saxophonist Michael BreckerĀ gave me the pleasure of playing the saxophone part back in 1997 and since the track had never been released, I decided to rerecord and update the musicĀ around Brecker’s inspired and melodic soloing, ten years after his untimely passing.Ā 

The lead track ‘Sand Dunes‘ had been made available in video form prior to the official release and has accumulated over one hundred thousand views since April 2017.

Cosmopolitain 2018

Cosmopolitain Videos

Live Recordings of Kamil’s Solo Album “Cosmopolitain”Ā 

Cosmopolitain Teaser

From the album “Cosmopolitain”


From the album “Cosmopolitain”

Sand Dunes

From the album “Cosmopolitain”

The Calm

From the album “Cosmopolitain”

Twilight Drifters

From the album “Cosmopolitain”


From the album “Cosmopolitain”

Ocean Breeze

From the album “Cosmopolitain”

Musicians Talk About “Cosmopolitain”Ā 

Bob Reynolds
Eddie Brown
Manu KatchƩ
Philippe Saisse
Vinnie Colaiuta
Randy Kerber
Tim Lefebvre
Rafael Padilla


Contact Me

I’ll be happy to respond to any musical inquiries.Ā